Golden light for Vu & Man’s Pre-Wedding Portrait Session at Bells Rapids

I’ve known Vu for 17 years now. When I first met my late husband Michael – I was lucky enough to be introduced to Vu and his family who lived next door. Michael and his brother’s, alongside Vu and his brother Duy, grew up together playing in the local park and getting into mischief… They played happily, and as far as I’m aware, even with a language barrier. As they grew older, the fun came from going four-wheel-driving through tricky tracks, and ultimately – Vu and Duy having to winch Michael to safer ground! Ever reliable – nothing has changed.

Fast forward, and Vu is now one of the most supportive, charming, well articulated, playful, funny and respectful gentlemen I have the pleasure of knowing. He has been a constant source of support while we both grieved the loss of Michael. I am so thankful to have our friendship last beyond Michael passing away. It gets stronger as the years go on, and I am honoured with the role of official photographer for the upcoming wedding between Vu and his incredible bride-to-be, Man. I have known Man for about 3 years now, and she seems to be the perfect match for Vu. Man has sass, is strong, independent, generous, kind, thoughtful and one heck of an awesome organiser. I love seeing the banter, the affection and love that is shared between the two.

I almost had to force these two to have a pre-wedding session… like everyone – they weren’t sure it was their “thing”. Needless to say, we all walked away super satisfied, and incredibly glad to have taken the time together to get some amazing portraits. It allowed them to let their hair down, relax and trust in the process… It gave them an insight into what to expect for their wedding day, to know that I will look after them, and it will be a fun process, not a chore! It also confirmed for me that I will absolutely ROCK their wedding portraits next week in Hamilton Island! I want to rock it for every one of my couples, but when you are doing something for someone you love as much as I love these two, the need to hit it out of the ballpark really increases somewhat.

We went to their home first, and I was able to see how much care they put into building a home for themselves. It didn’t surprise me to see that their home was impeccably decorated and designed. These two are sharp dressers and have classy style! From there we chased the light to Bells Rapids and were overjoyed when we were treated to a warm delicious sunset. What a golden hour!

Afterwards, Vu and Man treated me to more deliciousness – a three-course French cuisine meal. DIVINE! Seriously, I am beside myself with excitement, looking forward to the destination wedding they have in store. Hamilton Island may have been hit recently by Hurricane Debbie, but nothing will stop it from being the most fabulous celebration of two ridiculously wonderful people marrying at long last.

Bring it on! WOO!

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